August 11, 2021 By Mats Severin

What’s New in Qlik Sense SaaS July 2021


With updates to data alerting, Insight Advisor, GeoAnalytics and more over the past month, Mats Severin takes a look at what’s new in Qlik Sense SaaS July 2021…

Data Alerting condition evaluation history

Users can effortlessly track alerting trends in the hub with the new capability to view the alert history summarised in a timeline chart. This helps users see patterns around the frequency of triggered alerts and the fulfilment of the conditions.

Data Alerting condition evaluation history


Insight Advisor improvements

Improved assistance in Insight Advisor Chat

Insight Advisor Chat introduces a new way to communicate error messages. This new communication element helps you better understand when issues need to be addressed in the underlying apps.

Customise time periods in charts

Users can now customise the analysis periods used by Insight Advisor. Previously, users would need permissions to change the business logic. Going forwards, users can make these changes on demand, getting the insights they need quickly. Simply select the desired time period dimension in the Insight properties of a chart.

Insight Advisor improvements


GeoAnalytics enhancements

Dark mode base map

A fourth base map type with a dark theme has been added to the Map chart options. The dark mode base map puts the focus on the content rather than the map background and makes light-coloured data layers stand out.

dark mode base map

GeoOperations INTABLE support for coordinate conversion

The GeoOperations function INTABLE now supports coordinate conversion when generating maps from geographical data. The INTABLE function is used when passing geographical data from a previously loaded table in the data load script to the GeoOperations extension. This means that the loaded CRS (coordinate reference system) coordinates are automatically converted to GPS coordinates (WGS84), unless stated otherwise.

User support in Qlik help

Qlik Sense GeoOperations help content is now available in the Qlik help site here.


Connect to customer-managed storage with Hybrid data delivery

The recently introduced data integration tool, Hybrid Data Delivery, now lets users connect to QVD files stored in customer-managed AWS S3 buckets. For buckets that have multiple connections, users can select which connection to use.

Assign access roles to user groups

Additional global access roles, which were introduced in May 2021, improved user system security and provided more flexibility for all user types in creating spaces and managing content. With this update, you can now assign global access roles to user groups. This helps you assign permissions to a group of people, which facilitates user management and scalability.

User groups - Qlik Sense SaaS July 2021


Save container layout in bookmarks

The bookmark functionality now lets you save the layout for a container object. Previously, containers saved in bookmarks would default to always show the first tab. The user can now save the layout state of the container when creating a bookmark to display any tab by default.


Facilitating migration from QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS

Migrate QlikView server bookmarks

Users who are migrating from QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS can use the new QlikView Object Migration for Cloud tool to migrate server bookmarks for QlikView apps to their managed spaces in Qlik Sense SaaS. The tool is available on the Qlik Download Site and more information on how to migrate the bookmarks can be found here.

Open QlikView apps in IE11 plug-in

Users can now open QlikView apps with the IE plug-in using Microsoft Edge in IE mode. The menu option to “Open app in IE Plugin” is only available when using the Microsoft Edge browser. This means that the plug-in displays the content of the QlikView app in a format as close as possible to the original qvw file.


Reflection of Qlik Sense SaaS July 2021

Despite being in the midst of the summer holidays, there have been quite a few changes in the July release. This time we have seen some enhancements in the compatibility of using QlikView apps in the Qlik Sense cloud. For users still dependent on Qlik’s legacy product, QlikView, this will further facilitate the migration from QlikView to Qlik Sense SaaS. Qlik continues to build on the new features too, such as increased connectivity in the Hybrid data delivery and visualising your data alerting history in the hub. Furthermore, improved assistance in the Insight Advisor makes the interaction with the conversational analytics engine more user-friendly. Perhaps the most eye-catching news is the dark mode base map option in the map chart.


By Mats Severin


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