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Say goodbye to outdated BI reporting tools and say hello to a seamless reporting experience. Make sure all stakeholders can effortlessly access the performance insights they need, quickly and without any hassle. With the option to tailor report templates using Qlik's data and visuals, creating reports in your preferred formats like PPT, PDF, and Excel is now a breeze.

Generate pixel-perfect reports from
a trusted, single source of truth

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Get the information
you need

Speed up your metrics delivery using secure, reliable, and automated procedures to create and distribute reports.

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Get everyone on the same page

Share reports that are polished and customised to reflect your brand, keeping your team and important partners in the loop with formats they prefer, such as PDF, PPT, and Excel.

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Get alerts and self-service options

Create customised reports and effortlessly share them with your team, clients, partners, and any other key parties. Our user-friendly options and timely notifications guarantee that everyone stays up-to-date and involved.

Create reports that drive business outcomes

Whether your audience requires detailed data grids or unified analytical reports, you have the ability to create customised, advanced XLS templates.

These templates are tailored to address a variety of reporting needs, helping to shape informed operational strategies, improve customer interactions, and more.

Image showing data export options (MSPPT, EXCEL, PDF) from an online dashboard with graphs to a spreadsheet .

Composite image showing a desktop interface with analytic dashboards displaying metrics such as gross sales, net sales, gross returns, total orders, and various charts.

Ensure everyone is on the same page with presentation-ready reports

Make sure that all stakeholders receive the necessary data with ease using our tailored distribution list management. Our powerful filtering options at task and user levels ensure precision. Send reports effortlessly via email or Microsoft SharePoint.

Tabular report authoring

Use a Microsoft Office 365 Excel Add-in to create reports showcasing data and visualisations pulled from Qlik, all while utilising the familiar formatting and tools of Microsoft.

Report task control

Easily handle report tasks right in the app, from customising templates and applying filters to organising distribution lists and assigning report tasks, all while enjoying the flexible scheduling of burst report deliveries.

Webinar: Qlik Tabular Reporting

Chris Lofthouse, Commercial Director at Ometis


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