Data lake creation

Get continuously updated, analytics-ready data lakes without coding

Streamline the process of delivering constantly refreshed, precise, and reliable datasets for business analytics.

Incorporate new sources seamlessly and guarantee smooth progress at each stage of your data lake pipeline, starting from real-time data intake to enhancement, allocation, and management.

Get continuously updated analytics ready data lakes without coding

Employ the agile data lake

Get rapid design, deployment, and data management without coding.

Associative model

Ingest and update data in real time

An easy and versatile solution for continuously updating data in real time to popular data lakes.


Maintain automated and continuous refinement

An approach driven by models for efficiently designing, constructing, and overseeing data lakes whether on-premises or in the cloud.


Enterprise-wide monitoring and control

Configure, execute and monitor integration tasks throughout the entire organisation from one centralised control hub.

Qlik data lake creation


Qlik Data Lake Creation 1-1

Automated data
lake creation

A user-friendly, code-free, model-driven approach to rapidly create, build, and oversee data lakes whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Undisrupted source

Real time
data streams

Receive assistance for all major data sources through lightning-fast real-time data ingestion.

Associative model

Process and refine
raw data

Automate the process of refining raw data to ensure it's ready for use in your data lake as soon as it becomes available.

Leverage real-time data streams for faster, better insights

Utilising change data capture allows for seamless real-time data transfer from a diverse range of databases, data warehouses, and enterprise sources like mainframe and SAP to enhance the speed and efficiency of insights gained from your data lake.

Leverage real time data streams for faster better insights

Refine automatically and continuously

Refine automatically and continuously

Qlik simplifies and organises change streams into a single, transformation-ready data store in the lake. It seamlessly combines data from multiple tables and sources into a flexible format, keeping track of the complete history. Data users can quickly access reliable information, including full lineage, without the need to grasp the automated structuring that occurred.

Count on trusted, enterprise ready data

Qlik delivers a secure, enterprise-scale catalog of all the data in your lake and throughout your organisation, no matter where it resides. Business users get a single, go-to data marketplace to easily find, understand, and use all major enterprise data sources to gain insights.

Count on trusted enterprise ready data-1

Leverage enterprise-wide monitoring control

Support flexible architectures

Qlik combines data lake and data warehouse automation in a single, user-friendly interface. Planning and executing your projects is a breeze with Qlik.

Get maximum choice and deployment flexibility

The Qlik Talend Data Integration™ provides unparalleled flexibility for storing, transforming, and analysing your data, regardless of cloud or analytics vendors.

Get maximum choice and deployment flexibility


Spend more time working with data than preparing it

Spend more time working with data than preparing it

In order to effectively automate and manage cloud data lake operations, it is essential to have a top-notch set of capabilities that allow your teams to focus more on working with data rather than on preparing it.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration

A Qlik hosted Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (eiPaaS).

Qlik Data Integration

A client-managed solution that can be installed on-premises or as a virtual machine image in a location of your choosing.

Optimise data movement for cloud, hybrid
and on-premises environments

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