July 22, 2022 By Ometis

Qlik Direct Query for Snowflake


Qlik recently launched Direct Query, a new feature that empowers users of any level to explore and analyse the most recent data with ease, making it faster to generate insights and make informed decisions.

Direct Query allows users to create analytics applications and dashboards in Qlik Sense that can generate and ‘push down’ SQL queries to Snowflake, as the user interacts with the data via visualisations and dynamic filtering. It complements Qlik’s existing best-in-class analytics engine while strengthening users’ ability to consume analytics from Snowflake.

Additionally, with the Snowflake Usage Dashboard, users can easily monitor their enterprise Snowflake environment. This out-of-the-box dashboard provides insights on usage, query performance, security, auditing and more, all coming in the form of a prebuilt Qlik Sense app. Senior BI and data professionals in your team are able to better understand their Snowflake usage and optimise their workloads, all streamlined within their own Qlik Sense environment.

The synergy between Qlik and Snowflake saw the former recognised as one of few business intelligence partners recognised in a Snowflake Visual Table Clustering Explorer blog which helps users better understand and visualise Snowflake table clustering, with the Qlik solution also freely available. Direct Query amplifies this interconnectedness between the two, expanding the variety of imaginable and deliverable solutions.

Furthermore, Qlik has launched integration enhancements boosting data movement around Snowflake with Qlik Cloud Data Services, such as:

  1. Real-time change data capture and movement to Snowflake including all major databases, SAP, mainframe and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications
  2. Data warehouse automation for model-driven code generation, expediting value realisation and Snowflake’s full potential
  3. Reverse ETL to replicate enriched data from Snowflake back to the operational systems of record

Qlik is a market leader in the data integration and analytics space. In combination with the Snowflake Data Cloud, users are able to optimise their organisation’s data investment. On top of this, these platforms working in tandem can have a multiplier effect on data and analytics, as well as the people behind the solutions.

If you’d like to find out more how Direct Query could benefit your organisation, please feel free to get in touch with the Ometis team.


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