Augmented analytics

Help more people get meaningful insights, faster

Unleash the potential of insights for everyone through the use of automated generation, user-friendly natural language processing, forward-looking predictive analytics, and innovative generative AI technology.

Help more people get meaningful insights faster


Turn data into knowledge


Screen with charts

More meaningful answers

Discover valuable insights throughout your entire organisation using our advanced, automated analysis tools.

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Help users improve their decision-making process by utilising intuitive natural language search, engaging conversational analytics, and advanced Natural Language Generation techniques.

Best practice


Enable analysts to focus more on solving business challenges and less on the tedious task of creating visualisations.

Broader scale


Help business professionals unleash the power of data science and generative AI through interactive exploration.

Uncover meaningful insight

Uncover meaningful insight and accelerate business value

Insight Advisor is a friendly AI assistant that provides real augmented analytics. It encourages a lively collaboration between human intelligence and machine efficiency, unlocking the full power of data for everyone.


Get advanced insight generation

Improve decision-making by removing the guesswork with visualisations, predictive insights, and summaries generated on the fly. Use chat, search, and prompt-based experiences.

Lightbulb search

Use search based discovery

Easily generate powerful visualisations and insights by asking questions in simple, everyday language.



Ask your questions, get helpful answers, and make informed decisions using data, all in a conversational and easy-to-understand manner.

Move from historical to predictive analytics

Easily generate predictive models, predict outcomes, and explore hypothetical scenarios using a user-friendly, code-free interface.

Uncover the key factors impacting your data and create models through unlimited experimentation.

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Move fom historical to predictive analytics

Machine learning

machine learning models for AI

Boost your organisation's data science impact by enabling analysts to create customised AI solutions.

Crystal ball

Make predictions to understand potential outcomes

Once your model is set up, AutoML enables you to predict future scenarios using your current data. Just upload your data, and it will quickly generate likely outcomes, all thanks to your predictive model.


Explore predictive data and test what-if scenarios

Ask your questions, get helpful answers, and make informed decisions using data, all in a conversational and easy-to-understand manner.

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