Data quality and governance

Ensure trusted data for your teams

Explore, fix, and distribute reliable data using user-friendly self-service tools to streamline data operations, keep your team informed, and uphold compliance with regulatory standards.

Build trust and drive usage of your data and analytics

Quality 1

Unified data quality
and governance

Simplify the process of refining data into clean, compliant, and accessible assets.

Quality 2

Promote analytics and get deeper insights

Enable users to access trusted, analytics-ready data on-demand.

Why Qlik 7

Quantify and
measure trust

Build confidence in the reliability and accuracy of your data.

Take a unified approach to data quality and governance

Upgrade your cloud data infrastructure, maintain regulatory compliance, and establish your internal data marketplace with a cohesive approach to data quality and governance.

Leveraging Qlik Talend™ automated data profiling, you'll have access to user-friendly tools, pervasive data quality rules, and harness the valuable expertise of data stewards.

A data flow diagram unifying data quality and data governance workflows and delivery

Spend more time working with data than preparing it


Boost analytics usage and generate deeper insights

A metadata-powered catalog makes it easy to break down data silos, promote consistency, and encourage teamwork.

Explore, preview, and choose content from your various datasets, apps, notes, business glossary terms, and more. In-depth insights help you truly grasp — and make the most of — your analytics pipelines.

Say goodbye to doubts about data quality

Ensure your data stays top-notch with ongoing monitoring, profiling, and enhancement through the Qlik Talend Trust Score™.

This tool evaluates data quality across all your datasets, speeds up data quality rule calculations with SQL pushdown in Snowflake and other cloud data warehouses, and protects data privacy.

Say goodbye to doubts about data quality - Data Quality and Governance - Qlik

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