Qlik and SAP

Maximise the value of your SAP data

Robust Qlik Data Integration and Analytics Solutions for SAP seamlessly provide real-time SAP data wherever it's needed — from SAP testing environments to various analytics platforms.

Ensure people across your business can access SAP data and uncover hidden insight they can’t find with other analytics tools.

Maximise for the value of your SAP data


Accelerate SAP data integration

Make your live production SAP data available seamlessly across diverse platforms and hybrid environments. Streamline and improve SAP test data, and enable a wide range of SAP analytics use cases with this powerful and flexible data integration platform.

Qlik data warehouse automation 1

Efficient, real-time
data replication

Qlik uses change data capture (CDC) to detect and transfer only the updates to data sets and metadata in real-time. This automated process operates efficiently at scale, employing an agentless and log-based approach to minimise any disruption to SAP environments.

Qlik Data Lake Creation 1-1

Automated cloud repository creation and management

An approach driven by models for efficiently designing, constructing, and overseeing data lakes whether on-premises or in the cloud.


Enterprise-wide monitoring and control

Enhance the effectiveness, affordability, and protection of handling test data within SAP environments, including the seamless migration of SAP data to other platforms and ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

Unlock your SAP data and share across teams


App Auotmation 4

Continuous real-time
data ingestion

Stream data from SAP and non-SAP sources with real-time updates available in the moment.

App Auotmation 10

Structured and trusted
data warehouses

Simplify and streamline the entire data warehouse lifecycle, from data modelling and real-time ingestion to data marts and governance.

Quality 2

Actionable insight
and analytics

Use CDC to ensure that the most up-to-date data is available across the entire organisation for essential analytics that drive missions and customer success.

Uncover more insight with one-of-a-kind analytics for SAP

Allow your users to effortlessly navigate through SAP data and seamlessly integrate it with sales, marketing, and other data sources using Qlik Cloud Analytics.

With its powerful and flexible analytics capabilities, you can uncover impactful insights and drive productivity without requiring extensive IT support.

Uncover more insight with one of a kind analytics for SAP
Get broad support for sources targets and platforms

Combine SAP data with multiple sources, no matter how complex

Easily integrate your SAP data with various sources to gain a comprehensive view of your business. The Qlik analytics engine comprehensively indexes and interprets data relationships, empowering you to explore without constraints or oversights.

Accelerate insights with AI-powered analytics

Give your business a boost with Qlik AI tools that empower every user. Uncover insights and suggestions to facilitate exploration and spark new discoveries. This innovative AI approach ensures that analytics are within reach for all members of your workforce.

Accelerate insights with AI-powered analytics
Leverage enterprise-wide monitoring control


Give users easy access to data with a self-service catalogue

Provide a smart and user-friendly enterprise-scale data catalogue that can be securely shared with business users. This includes not only SAP data but also all your derived data sets, marts, and more.

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Jump your SAP analytics and data modernisation



The Qlik Enterprise Manager® console makes it easy to manage data replication across the entire enterprise.



Managing data replication across your entire enterprise is a breeze with the user-friendly Qlik Enterprise Manager® console.


Inventory management

The Qlik Enterprise Manager® console simplifies the process of overseeing data replication throughout the enterprise.

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