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Enhance decision-making with AI-driven insights from unstructured data

Meet Qlik Answers: Your next-level knowledge assistant. Unlock the power to provide customised, pertinent responses to queries derived from diverse unstructured data sources.

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Deliver knowledge and insight

Inform every action

Inform every action

Provide users with real answers, not just search results. Receive personalised and relevant responses from thoughtfully curated content.


Answers on trusted data

Consistent and reliable responses, alongside clear explanations and transparency, help users comprehend and have confidence in the source of the answers.

Three cogs

Plug-and-play simplicity

Utilise a user-friendly solution that is quick to set up and simple to navigate, saving you money and minimising potential challenges. All on top of a governed, independent platform.

Qlik makes it easy

Take advantage of a simple, plug-and-play solution with all the power of generative AI and RAG (retrieval augmented generation). Qlik handles the complexity so you don't have to.

Qlik makes it easy


Make knowledge available to everyone

Ask questions and get personalised, relevant answers sourced from unstructured content. With generative AI, you get actual answers instead of just ranked lists of content.

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Have confidence in the answers you receive

Meaningful and relevant responses build trust in the answers you get. And with full explainability, you get links to source content and highlighting so you’ll know exactly where things come from.

Get plug-and-play simplicity

A plug-and-play, self-service solution simplifies deployment and reduces risk and cost. With Qlik, you can consolidate your data, analytics, and AI investments on a trusted, independent platform with best-in-class security and governance, and full compliance with modern security certifications.

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Tap into knowledge libraries, document repositories, online content and more


Deliver institutional knowledge

Sales teams and operations managers can make better decisions and take smarter action by getting insights from knowledge repositories like SharePoint, Confluence, and others.

Call centre

Ensure better
customer support

Ensure sales teams and case workers can gain new insights from CRM contact logs, support tickets and service systems — including Salesforce, Zendesk, and ServiceNow — and more.


Improve service
and satisfaction

Customer support personnel — and customers — get clear, high value answers from product documentation and community forums.

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