Embedded analytics

Make Analytics Available Where Decisions Are Made

Speed up your decision-making process by gaining immediate access to insights and data, seamlessly integrated into top business applications.

Scale the business value of your data

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Purpose built
for analytics

 Discover the exceptional benefits of Qlik's specialised engine, crafted to efficiently index and connect your data, providing valuable insights and performance that surpass the capabilities of traditional query-based engines.


AI for the

Give your business users the power they need to access automated insights, chat naturally, leverage predictive analytics, and unleash the potential of generative AI.

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Take intelligent

Efficiently address business challenges with intelligent notifications and automated processes, conveniently accessible through integrated analytics and mobile capabilities on-the-go.

Forward-thinking businesses use embedded analytics as a tool for growth




 Take your procurement, planning, and expense applications to the next level with the seamless integration of operational and financial data.

Warehouse automation

Supply chain

 Improve the effectiveness of your shop floor, warehouse, logistics, and administrative functions by utilising real-time data shared across devices and applications.

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Improve your forecasting, sales performance, channel management, and marketing efforts through seamless data integration across CRM and ERP applications.

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Improve your targeting accuracy and enhance the customer experience by exchanging insights on campaign performance, product updates, and consumer trends.

Integrate analytics data into everyday apps

By integrating analytics into your everyday apps, data analysis and reporting seamlessly blend into your go-to business applications. This seamless integration empowers you with quick, easy-to-understand insights for improved efficiency and decision-making.

Integrate analytics data into everyday apps



Embed and automate anywhere

Incorporate all the features and graphics your project needs. Simplify your workflows with pre-designed blocks and connectors for automation. Develop and deploy personalised, efficient graphics using JavaScript, making use of robust libraries and APIs for a smooth user experience.


Customise your apps

Add your own logo and design style to make sure your customers have a seamless experience as they explore your apps, portals, and more. Customise your apps with unique themes, fonts, colours, visuals, and backgrounds. Choose to white-label your apps from the start or add personal touches later on.

Embed analytics with or without code


Embed analytics with or without code

Our embedding toolkit offers a range of options, from easy no-code solutions to more advanced coding capabilities, allowing users of all skill levels to tap into the potential of Qlik Cloud® Analytics.


AI-powered insight that is always up-to-date

 Frequent updates ensure that your projects stay ahead of the curve in innovation.


No-code and
pro-code workflows

Utilise the complete range of Qlik Cloud Analytics features, either as independent solutions or smoothly integrated experiences.


Embed into the
apps you use

Utilise pre-built blocks and connectors to kickstart process automations, enabling deeper integrations within your systems.

Easily connect with hundreds of data sources

Why Ometis?

We're experts in the full end-to-end data workflow

Qlik Elite Solution Provider

The UK's Largest Dedicated Elite Qlik Partner

With a team of highly skilled and certified consultants specialising in Qlik, we guarantee that you will gain valuable insights and experience the efficiency and reliability with which we complete projects.

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We take great pride in our customer-centric approach, offering flexibility and pragmatism in every interaction. We are committed to working on your terms, in the capacity that best suits your needs, to maximise your success.

A Full Range of Professional Services

A Full Range of
Professional Services

Your one-stop shop for all data services:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Integration
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Science
  • Project Management

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A Catalogue of Up-to-Date
Qlik Training Courses

With a former Qlik trainer in the team, we've written an entire catalogue of courses to get you up-to-speed with the Qlik platform, as well as educating users on the fundamentals of data literacy. Our courses are always kept up-to-date and relevant.

UK Dedicated Support Desk

UK Dedicated
Support Desk

Qlik isn't just part of our business, it's the whole business. Every member of our support team are certified on the Qlik platform. We'll advise on best practices, help diagnose bugs, and take a proactive stance towards a fast resolution. We are the go-to partner for Qlik support.

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to Source
and Target Systems

We embrace the diversity of source and target systems, adapting seamlessly to the ones you use or have in mind for the future. Our dedicated team will accompany you on your data journey, guaranteeing we accomplish the desired business outcomes you have established.

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