Stitch data loader

Stitch data loader

Rapidly onboard new SaaS data into your data warehouse.

The Stitch Data Loader application interface

Simple, extensible SaaS data loading, built for small data teams

Deploy zero maintenance cloud data pipelines

Quality 1

App Auotmation 9

App Auotmation 7


Save engineering

Extract data from more than 140 sources - no coding required


Get more from your analytics

Take advantage of ready-to-query schemas


Secure and compliant data pipelines

Ensure confidence in your data pipeline

Connect to more than 140 of your favourite data sources

Make decisions faster

Easily copy your data to your cloud data warehouse at your convenience and have it ready for querying within minutes using Stitch.

This fully managed, scalable service for your pipelines will help speed up your analytics projects with connectors to over 140 SaaS applications and databases.

Diagram showing a central point with numerous lines extending outwards, each line ending in a small dot; colors include green and purple.
Interface showing MySQL data integration setup with a status update seen 16 minutes ago. Rounded graphics with colored dots are visible in the background.

Get more from your analytics

Access the insights that drive your decision-making. With an intuitive interface and pre-built schemas for querying, team members can seamlessly onboard and begin utilising new data sources.

Secure and compliant data pipelines

Stitch is built for critical analytics applications. It offers enterprise grade security, including SOC 2 compliance, features to support HIPAA compliance, and advanced connectivity options such as SSH tunnelling to secure the data pipeline.

Image showing a series of four interconnected logos representing different security and compliance standards: AICPA SOC, HIPAA, SSH, and the Stitch Data Loader icon.

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