Application automation

Enable dynamic action through analytics and integration workflows

Your intricate and diverse data can be analysed, put into context, and shared with those who require it. The main goal is to empower proactive decision-making.

Qlik Application Automation promptly reacts to business events and initiates well-informed actions for your most widely used SaaS applications.

Application automation

Automate your data and analytics workflow to accelerate time to value.

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No-code development

Flexible options to activate flows.

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Broad SaaS connectivity

Easily connect to popular SaaS applications. 

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Automation triggers

Flexible options to activate dynamic flows.

Why Qlik 6

Central management

Manage and monitor your automation flows.

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Continuous real-time data ingestion

Stream data from the most popular sources with real-time updates readily accessible as they occur.

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Make data triggering
a reality

Easily set triggers and actions regardless of the data source – no coding required.

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Manage workflows across platforms

Utilise a user-friendly visual interface to handle actions and triggers, automating your workflow seamlessly across different platforms.

No code development

Non-coders can easily use a drag-and-drop method, while more technical users have access to robust tools like conditions, loops, lists, and error handling.

No code development
Get broad support for sources targets and platforms

Broad SaaS connectivity

Easily integrate with popular SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more.

The Qlik platform presents application features in simple blocks that streamline the intricacies of low-level APIs.

Native Qlik Talend Cloud integration

Effortlessly automate your analytics DevOps and integration using robust APIs.

Simplify tenant administration, optimise application development, and proactively handle events.



Create dynamic actions

Create dynamic actions

Easily automate actions based on insights, exceptions, or specific data variances. Enhance teamwork, accelerate sales processes, and bridge the gap between understanding and implementation.

For instance, a sales territory manager can quickly adjust priority levels for outlier opportunities with a single click and effortlessly share the outcomes with their team through Slack.

Maintain central management

Increase productivity and efficiency by utilising centrally organised, managed, and monitored automations.

Maintain central management

Explore unlimited automation

Qlik Answers 2a-2

to action

Establish pathways that send out notifications, initiate tasks, and activate subsequent processes across your organisation.

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Seize opportunity

Integrate SaaS applications across your enterprise to boost efficiency in your business processes.

App Auotmation 9

Drive analytics operations

Build workflows that can streamline and automate common tenant administration duties.

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Automate development

Streamline DataOps and DevOps processes by setting up task chains that react to events, ensuring apps stay up-to-date, and automatically share status updates. 

DataOps for analytics

Get real-time, analytics ready, actionable data in other analytics environments, including Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, and more.

App Auotmation 12

Stream real-time
data (CDC)

Integrate your enterprise data seamlessly into live streams to empower cutting-edge analytics and microservices with an easy, real-time, all-encompassing solution.

App Auotmation 11

Automate the agile
data warehouse

Effortlessly create, construct, launch, and oversee cloud data warehouses without the need for manual coding.

Qlik Data Lake Creation 1

Manage data lake creation

Ensure that your data lakes are always up-to-date and ready for analytics by automating the intricate ingestion and transformation processes.

Optimise data movement for cloud, hybrid
and on-premises environments

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