Qlik AutoML

Deliver no-code automated machine learning to analytics teams

Create machine learning experiments, identify key elements in your data, and build models - all aimed at revealing possible outcomes and the underlying reasons behind them.

Illustration of a data analytics software interface showing model metrics, feature importance, and key driver identification for various classification models.

Give analysts the power of predictive analytics

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Unleash the power of your data by identifying key components and creating models through endless exploration.

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Unleash the power of your data by identifying key components and creating models through endless exploration.

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An approach driven by models for efficiently designing, constructing, and overseeing data lakes whether on-premises or in the cloud.

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Harness the power of external data science and cutting-edge generative AI technologies in Qlik applications, unlocking expansive insights, deeper understanding, and enhanced functionalities.

How no-code machine learning works


Auto-generate machine learning models

Discover the essential factors within your historical data and leverage advanced algorithms to create machine learning models. Simply indicate a target field in your dataset and allow Qlik AutoML to handle the rest:

  • Identify critical drivers within your historical data
  • Automatically generate predictive models with extensive fine-tuning and enhancement
  • Choose and implement the top-performing models based on scoring and ranking
A flowchart illustrating the steps of a machine learning process: ML-ready dataset, feature selection, model generation, model tuning and iteration, model deployment, predictions, scenario exploration, and informed actions.
A software interface displaying SHAP importance scores, customer churn prediction influencers, current data, deployed model, and a selected territory marked as CT.


Predict potential outcomes

Simply upload your data to predict outcomes with your custom model. Receive valuable insights (SHAP values) for each record, giving you a clear understanding of the reasoning behind every prediction. This will assist you in making informed decisions to positively impact future results.

Explore predictive data and test what-if scenarios

With Qlik's Associative Engine, you can explore predictive data and test what-if scenarios in real-time. Interact with dynamic choices and tweak variables in your what-if scenarios to determine the best path towards optimal results.

Illustration of a Qlik dashboard titled 'Customer Churn - What-if Analysis' showing 'Prediction Influencers' and a 'What-if' customer churn metric with a value of 35.98% and selectable plan types.

Webinar: Using AutoML to predict and address student attrition

Dan Titchener - Qlik Consultant at Ometis

Dan Titchener, Qlik Consultant at Ometis, took us through a specific use case for Qlik AutoML in a recent webinar.

Dan showed how historical data can be used to predict those students in the current cohort that are likely to leave their course. 

Dan's presentation showed how Qlik Sense can be used to make predictions but also to perform what-if analyses that can be fed back through the algorithm to check their effect.

Other important use cases for AutoML

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  • Sales pipeline – win/loss forecasting

  • Customer churn / retention

  • Customer prospecting / targeting

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  • Demand / revenue forecasting

  • Customer lifetime value

  • Customer next best offer



  • Capital investment optimisation

  • Expense management

  • Risk management / reduction

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  • Workforce demand prediction

  • Capacity allocation

  • Appointment cancellations



    • Employee retention / attrition prediction

    • Employee satisfaction

    • Recruiting / creating an ideal candidate profile



    • Software / licensing usage

    • Infrastructure performance prediction

Warehouse automation

Supply chain

  • Capital investment optimisation

  • Expense management

  • Risk management / reduction



    • Support case prediction

    • Predictive maintenance

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AI and Machine Learning Connectors

Effortlessly connect with top AI and machine learning platforms like Open AI, Amazon Bedrock, Azure ML, and Databricks ML.

Qlik Connector Factory is continually expanding access to and delivery of data from hundreds of applications and data sources to fuel the ever-evolving analytics and data integration needs of organisations.

With the ability to rapidly develop new connectors, Qlik can help you access and integrate any data needed to drive better insights and deliver greater business outcomes.

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