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Mastering SAP data integration with Qlik


Are you encountering challenges in your SAP data integration journey?

SAP, the undisputed leader in the realm of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, is the preferred choice for businesses across the globe to manage their operations. Its capability for centralising data and automating intricate processes is undeniable. Nevertheless, when it comes to smoothly intertwining SAP data with other systems, especially Business Intelligence (BI) tools, unique challenges arise.

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The challenges of SAP Data Integration

SAP's Unique Language, Processes, and Logic
SAP boasts its own language, processes, and logic, setting it apart within the ERP landscape. While this uniqueness is an asset within the SAP ecosystem, it can pose challenges when aligning it with external tools and platforms, particularly during data integration.

Interfaces That Diverge from Convention
SAP's interfaces do not adhere to industry standards, making the integration of SAP data into your BI environment a complex endeavour. This can result in compatibility and complexity.

Limitations in Real-Time Data Access
Accessing real-time SAP data is often restricted, which can be a significant drawback for businesses relying on up-to-the-minute insights for informed decision-making.

Deciphering the Complex SAP Data Structure
Comprehending and modelling the intricate data structure of SAP can be an intimidating task. Without the right tools and expertise, this can lead to prolonged efforts and potential errors in your data integration journey.

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Unlocking SAP Data Integration with Qlik

Thankfully, Qlik offers a market leading data integration product suite, featuring a complimentary SAP accelerator package that will revolutionise your SAP data integration journey. This package boasts pre-built pipelines and data models that can transform your integration process from zero to a fully functional data warehouse within a matter of days. Key highlights of Qlik's SAP accelerator package include:

Seamless Integration with Qlik’s SAP Connectors
Qlik utilises their connector to seamlessly leverages SAP's in-built extractors, to replicate SAP data into your desired database or platform.

Pre-built pipeline Transforms and Data Models
Qlik provides a pre-configured transform processes, and SAP data model, ensuring a fast and efficient integration process.

Ready-Made Data Marts
Primed for action in any BI tool, reporting system, or data science application.

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SAP Extractor Methods for Data Integration

While the Qlik SAP accelerator caters to 90-100% of your SAP reporting needs, you have two methods at your disposal for extracting any supplementary data:

Custom SAP Extractors
Craft your own extractors to align with your specific requirements. These can pinpoint particular tables, queries, or CDS views. If your dataset permits, enable delta tracing for fast incremental updates.

Akin to SQL views, form part of SAP's analytics data model. Define them meticulously using ABAP annotations to specify primary keys, delta tracking fields, and enabling them for extraction.

Once you've replicated the additional data using these methods, seamlessly integrate it into your data model, making it readily accessible for your data marts.

Revolutionise Your SAP Infrastructure with Qlik

In conclusion, Qlik Data Integration solutions serves as your secret weapon for conquering the complexities of SAP data integration. Armed with pre-built accelerators, Qlik empowers organisations to harness the full potential of SAP data within their BI and analytics ecosystem. Bid farewell to integration frustrations and usher in a new era of streamlined SAP data integration with Qlik.

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