May 28, 2024 By Neil Thorne

AI Readiness | CDO Summit 2024


  • AI Readiness | CDO Summit 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changing technology, promising to revolutionise industries and drive unprecedented growth. However, as organisations eagerly embrace AI, many overlook a critical component that can make or break their AI initiatives: data readiness.

Data serves as the fuel that powers AI, and without high-quality, well-prepared data, even the most sophisticated AI algorithms will fail to deliver accurate and meaningful insights. The CDO Summit recognises this challenge and brings together the world's best data and digital strategists to address the opportunities and obstacles surrounding AI, big data, and digital disruption.


In our latest video, Chris Lofthouse, Commercial Director at Ometis, shares valuable insights into the role of data in AI readiness and outlines the key steps organisations should take to ensure their data is primed for AI success.

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AI Readiness | CDO Summit 2024

Explore the vital role of data readiness in AI success at the CDO Summit 2024. Learn from experts like Chris Lofthouse on preparing data for AI initiatives effectively.
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