October 22, 2021 By Chris Lofthouse

How you can benefit from the Qlik Elite Partner Program with Ometis


Ometis’ Head of Consulting Services, Chris Lofthouse, was recently recognised as an ambassador of the Qlik Partner Program.

The Qlik Partner Program acknowledges what Qlik refers to as ‘exceptional Qlik technologists’ – but it is far more than simply a badge of recognition (we already know that if there’s anything Chris doesn’t know about Qlik, it isn’t worth knowing!), but it provides a wealth of benefits to you, the end user, too.

Partners such as ourselves who are involved with the program are granted additional perks including trial licences, access to early adopter programmes, as well as pre-releases and technical previews. This enables us to build a greater understanding of the Qlik roadmap, what’s in store for new and existing products and hear what’s coming down the line earlier than other partners.

While we won’t always be able to reveal everything about what’s in the pipeline from Qlik, we are positioned to be able to advise our customers more strategically around their long term goals, giving them an idea about what they can expect in the future and make sure they’re not purchasing products or making snap decisions based just on what’s available with the product today.

Everyone who is part of the Qlik Partner Program is seen as being aligned with Qlik, both in terms of where the product is today as well as where it’s headed in the future. As such, they’re interested in getting our input too, as they strive to continue to innovate and remain a market leader in the business intelligence and data analytics space. With working alongside our customers day in, day out and understanding what potential developments to the platform could be of benefit to them, we are able to feed this back to Qlik with a view to providing potential solutions down the line.

If you’re an existing Ometis customer, feel free to get in touch with your account manager to discuss any feedback which we can pass on to Qlik. If you’re not yet a customer but want to take advantage of our involvement with the Qlik Partner Program and work with the UK’s leading Qlik consultants, get in touch with our team today.

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Chris Lofthouse

Chris boasts more than 12 years’ experience working with Qlik, covering a variety of roles along the way from support and development to consulting, pre-sales and training. He is now Commercial Director at Ometis as well as being a Qlik Partner Ambassador and Qlik Luminary Alumni. He’s also the creator of OmetisToolkit.com and is very vocal on our blog and social channels.

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