February 10, 2022 By Mats Severin

What’s new in Qlik Sense SaaS January 2022


The first Qlik Sense update of the year is here, as is Mats Severin to dissect the Qlik Sense SaaS January 2022 release…

Improvements to managing variables: the new variable dialog

A long-awaited request from the Qlik user community, the updated variable dialog simplifies the management of variables in the user interface. Displaying all variable elements, including name, description, value, and tags, it allows you to add, search, edit and duplicate variables. You can also delete up to 20 variables at once. These capabilities will reduce manual work and help teams collaborate more efficiently.

Support for follow-up questions in Insight Advisor Chat

Insight Advisor Chat improves support for follow-up questions with the “Explore this further” option. The option takes you directly from the chat window in the hub to the search-based discovery view within apps for deeper analysis. When you ask follow up questions to an original question and select “Explore this further”, the app opens with the selections applied for the full line of questioning, allowing you to continue visually where you left off conversationally.

qlik sense saas january 2022

Period over period dashboards in Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor now returns more robust period over period analyses in the form of dashboard templates, when you select or search for applicable fields. Instead of a single chart, you can get an automatically suggested dashboard containing one line chart and three KPIs, along with a filter pane, allowing you to make selections and further explore the comparative analysis. To generate a period over period dashboard, select one measure, one dimension and one date field from the fields menu on the left hand side in the Insight Advisor.

Business logic fine grain controls in Insight Advisor

Business Logic allows you to define the default periodic recurrence for a calendar period, such as a yearly, quarterly or monthly basis, to help you refine the generated analysis by Insight Advisor. When you create behaviours like default calendar periods, you can now specify whether to use or ignore the grain for a particular analysis, providing more advanced fine grain controls.

Improved workflow for creating alerts

Enhancements to setting up data alerts deliver a more user-friendly and time-saving workflow to assist you staying on top of your data. Details from the visualisation, such as title, measures, dimensions, and selections, are automatically prefilled when you start creating an alert.

Hybrid Data Delivery: Live views with Snowflake Storage data assets

Data Architects can now choose whether they want transactionally consistent live views when creating a Snowflake Storage data asset with change handling. Live views include change table data that is not yet committed. This lets you see data with lower latency without having to apply changed data frequently. However, live views can require more processing that could increase Snowflake costs because status tables are regularly updated after every change batch is processed. Consequently, the new setting is turned off by default.

Hybrid Data Delivery is the first phase of Qlik’s Data Services, to which we’ll be showcasing the latest updates in our webinar on 24 March – you can register for free here.

Deleting shared or managed spaces

You can now delete shared spaces or managed spaces directly from the space settings.

qlik sense saas january 2022

Data connector updates

  • The Facebook Fan Pages connector has been removed. Any instances using the connector will no longer work in Qlik Cloud.
  • The tables available with the Twitter connector have been updated. New tables include: Followers, Following, HomeTimeline, and LocationWithTrends. Tables that have been removed include: TrendsForPlace, TrendsNearLocation, UserLookup, and UserLookupById.

Using Google Identity and OneLogin identity providers in Qlik Sense Mobile

A new advanced configuration setting allows you to use Google Identity or OneLogin as the identity provider with Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS and OAuth 2.0 applications. For more information, see the Advanced Options section in Creating a new identity provider.

Set expressions tutorial

Learn how to build set expressions for set analysis in the updated tutorial here.

Reflection of Qlik Sense SaaS January 2022

A relatively modest start to the new year, if you compare to last year which saw an extraordinary number of product enhancements and new features. Nevertheless, as for the Insight Advisor, we see a strong start to the new year. The new “Explore this further” option in the Insight Advisor Chat window will accelerate the explorative analysis and take you straight into an app with generated charts based on all the prior questions asked. You can go from a follow-up question to automatically generated analytics in seconds. Furthermore, the period over period dashboard template is another new feature in the Insight Advisor that helps you generate a dashboard for comparative analysis in just a few clicks. Lastly, the default calendar periods settings in Business Logic can now be fine-tuned to ignore or use different types of analyses in Insight Advisor by default.

From an app developer perspective, the new variable dialog is a much-welcomed improvement. The new variable manager provides a quick overview and at the same time lets you create/update/delete variables in a more user-friendly interface. Adding tags and searching for variables will also help saving time when the number of variables increases. This has been a top request from the user community’s ideation program, and signals that Qlik is a user-oriented platform with a dedicated community.

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