June 26, 2024 By Neil Thorne

Qlik Connect Lessons Learned webinar 2024


  • Qlik Connect Lessons Learned webinar 2024

Qlik Connect in Florida was a fantastic event, both from a social, and technical side. Our highlights include a mesmerising drone show, access to Orlando World, and having the opportunity to present findings about ways to optimise Snowflake costs. 

On June 25th, we hosted a webinar to share our key takeaways from the event. We explored the latest Qlik announcements and updates, discussing their implications for customers.

We also shared our thoughts about Qlik's AI features, both existing and upcoming, and how they can be leveraged to enhance business operations.

Additionally, we briefly addressed migrating data warehouses from on-premise to cloud environments.

Click on the thumbnail below to access the recording.


Qlik Talend Cloud 

Qlik is merging their data integration offerings into a unified Qlik Talend Cloud platform. This brings together Qlik and Talend's strengths in data integration, quality, and governance. Users can expect enhanced data pipeline creation, built-in data quality checks, and improved DevOps capabilities. The platform aims to provide a comprehensive solution for preparing trusted data for analytics and AI initiatives.

Qlik Answers

Qlik Answers is a new generative AI capability that leverages large language models (LLMs) and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to provide natural language interactions with business data and documents. Users can ask questions and receive summarised insights pulled from multiple sources, with links back to the original documents. This promises to make data exploration and insight discovery more accessible to business users.

Data Warehouse Modernisation

While Qlik continues to support on-premise deployments, there is a clear focus on cloud capabilities. New migration tools and services are being developed to help customers transition to Qlik Cloud. This shift enables businesses to take advantage of new AI and data integration capabilities while reducing infrastructure costs as they scale.


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