September 01, 2021 By Mats Severin

What’s new in Qlik Sense SaaS August 2021


With a string of developments last month improving user experience, Mats Severin reviews what’s new in the Qlik Sense SaaS August 2021 release…

Data Catalog filtering

Data admins as well as consumers can now browse data using filters in the Catalog section. Catalog filtering helps users to find all available content and reduces time spent managing and browsing for content with improved search accuracy. This feature is especially useful for content such as data files which can get difficult to keep track of as the data library grows.

qlik sense saas august 2021 - data catalog

Data consumer role for spaces

Data owners can now utilise the new data consumer role to provide consume-only access to data connections and data files inside a space. The new role gives you more control over space members and data assets within spaces. The role can be added from the Members section in the space settings.

qlik sense saas august 2021

Monitoring Data Services in the Management Console

Hybrid data delivery events, both user and system-initiated, are now logged and available for review from the Events page in the Management Console. This will support organisations in following security and compliance requirements. The monitoring service tracks a variety of actions and you can get information about the event type and the user who initiated the event. In addition to the Events page, tenant admins can audit events using API calls.

Period over period analysis in Insight Advisor

Users can now compare a change in a measure of one period versus another by using the Period over period analysis in Insight Advisor. The analysis lets users visualise how a measure differs between two periods of analysis.

The analysis periods can be configured in the app’s Logical Model (figure 1) where you can create and define Calendar Periods and then apply it to a field or a group of fields using Behaviours. Once you have defined a calendar period, go to the Insight Advisor and generate some charts. When you click on a generated chart where analysis periods are available, you can apply the calendar period using the Analysis Period section (figure 2) in the Insight Properties panel.

More on how to customise period over period analysis can be found here:


Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Consistency in accessing fields and master items across Insight Advisor

When you have business logic applied to an app in a shared or managed space, users can search for available fields and master items based on the logical model regardless of their permissions in the space. The access to fields and master items can now be summarised as follows:

  • When an app has business logic turned on, users can query all fields set to visible in the app.
  • When an app has business logic turned off:
    • Users with edit permission on the app can query both fields and master items.
    • Users with view-only permissions on the app can only query master items.

Default tab for containers

By default, the first tab is displayed when you open an app and view a container object. Previously, this setting was not editable. Now, users can set any tab to be displayed as the default tab when opening an app and viewing a container. In the edit sheet mode, simply go to the container’s Properties > Appearance > Container and set the Default tab.

Alerting available to more users

The alerting features are now available to Qlik Sense Business users. Previously, they have only been available to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS users. Qlik Sense Business is a SaaS edition of Qlik Sense with limited capacity and is designed to cater for smaller user groups.

Alert history chart presentation in Qlik Sense Mobile

The alert history timeline chart that was introduced in July is now available in Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS. Mobile users can see the history of an alert, presented on a timeline, to track whether patterns are emerging around the frequency of evaluations compared to triggered alerts.

Increased mobile app security

Mobile users can prevent unauthorised users from accessing a Qlik Sense Mobile for SaaS app by turning on an app lock. You can protect the app using your device authentication method (PIN or biometric).

SMTP email server configuration

Configuring an email server in the Management Console enables users to subscribe to reports, share charts and receive notifications. When configuring an SMTP email server, from which emails are sent, the tenant admin can now have separate sender email and user name settings.

Reflection of Qlik Sense SaaS August 2021

The latest release in August has a primary focus on user experience, giving the users more options to customise how they interact with Qlik Sense SaaS. From the filtering of the hub content to the customisation of analysis periods in Insight Advisor. There are also some security enhancements including the mobile app lock and the visibility of fields in Insight Advisor. Qlik continues to build on the newer features too, such as making data alerting available for all SaaS editions of Qlik Sense and adding the ability to monitor data services events, as well as introducing the new data consumer role for spaces. The new role indicates that Qlik Sense SaaS is increasingly becoming a data integration platform and not just a tool for data visualisation and analytics.


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