February 20, 2024 By Neil Thorne

Improving University Support Systems for Student Mental Health


  • Improving University Support Systems for Student Mental Health

As student populations grow and mental health issues become more prevalent, universities must constantly evaluate and enhance their support systems to effectively address the needs of their students.

The recent Court of Appeal hearing into the tragic death of student Natasha Abrahart shed light on the inadequacies of some university support systems, and the need for improved strategies to identify and support students at risk.



University support systems for mental health play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of students. These systems can encompass a range of services such as counselling centres, mental health resources, and student wellness programs. However, it can often be difficult to spot the signs of dips in mental health, especially when students are reluctant to reach out to the support systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds great potential in identifying students who may be at risk of mental health issues or crisis. By analysing patterns in student behaviour, AI algorithms can help identify early warning signs and flag students who may need additional support or intervention. 

Implementing AI tools in university support systems can enable proactive identification of at-risk students and facilitate early intervention to prevent crises. More advanced models can be created that allow what-if analyses to be applied to the predictions enabling staff to gauge the effect of changes to policies on particular students or the whole cohort.

By using AI to take a proactive approach to student mental health, universities can create a supportive environment that prioritises the well-being of all students.

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Ometis ran a webinar recently that covered some of the AI technology we recommend. We showcased a use case in which AI was predicting the students at risk of leaving their course, and how changes in policy could affect that. Click the image below to view the recording.

If you would like more information on how using AI could work for your institution in highlighting students at risk please get in touch using the form below.


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