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Maximise the value of your enterprise data with AI

All members of your team can leverage the power of predictive and generative AI. It's user-friendly, self-service, and tailored to your needs.

Get AI-powered models and insight out of the back room and into the hands of business users

Qlik AutoML

Qlik Answers 

Advanced AI integration

Brain and cogs

Inbuilt predictive insights and analytics

Utilise the power of automated machine learning with Qlik AutoML® to effortlessly generate models, analyse data, conduct experiments, and share findings without the need for specialised data science expertise.

Data lake 1

Generative AI-driven from unstructured data

An approach driven by models for efficiently designing, constructing, and overseeing data lakes whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Associative model

Leverage advanced
AI integration

Harness the power of external data science and cutting-edge generative AI technologies in Qlik applications, unlocking expansive insights, deeper understanding, and enhanced functionalities.

Make data science and generative AI easy to use

Expand into new AI use-cases

Unlock the incredible potential of data and make it easily accessible, going beyond what current vendors and technologies can offer.

AI & Machine Learning - Real-time Data Exploration

Refine automatically and continuously - Automated Data Lake Creation - Qlik

Get reliable and explainable insight and answers

Simplify your AI projects by teaming up with one trusted provider, utilising an all-encompassing, unbiased platform that prioritises governance, transparency, and trust.

Generate value right now

Take advantage of simple, out-of-the-box, self-managed solutions designed for easy use, fast setup, quick value delivery, and cost-effectiveness.

AI & Machine Learning - Enable Machine Learning

AI Readiness: Better data for successful AI implementations

Chief Data Officer Summit 2024

Chris Lofthouse, Commercial Director at Ometis, presented a session at the Chief Data Officer Summit 2024 discussing the importance of data in achieving AI readiness.

Key points covered:

-  The role of high-quality data in AI readiness
-  S
teps to ensure your data is AI-ready
-  How Qlik's data solutions can help streamline the process


AI that is ready to use on day one

Deliver generative AI-driven answers from unstructured data

Discover Qlik Answers™: The future of generative, AI-driven knowledge assistance is now available. Access actionable insights from a variety of previously unexplored sources effortlessly.

Rest assured in the accuracy of your results with Qlik's foundation in reliable, explainable data. Experience a user-friendly, self-service solution that is easy to integrate and navigate.

Conceptual analytics dashboards

Automate and simplify predictive analytics

Uncover the key components in your data and harness advanced algorithms to build machine learning models. Easily identify a target field in your dataset and rely on Qlik AutoML® to handle the task:

  • Easily generate predictive models with plenty of room for fine-tuning and refining.
  • Choose and apply the top-performing models, assessed through detailed scoring and ranking.
  • Predict future results with clear insights into possible outcomes and their underlying factors.

Leverage the power of third-party data science and generative AI models in Qlik apps

The Qlik Associative Engine works harmoniously with external models, providing interactive exploration in real-time, insightful analyses, and crafting contextually relevant content for business professionals.

Elevate your comprehension and perspective by seamlessly integrating external AI models into your business applications and automated processes.

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AI and Machine Learning Connectors

Effortlessly connect with top AI and machine learning platforms like Open AI, Amazon Bedrock, Azure ML, and Databricks ML.

Qlik Connector Factory is continually expanding access to and delivery of data from hundreds of applications and data sources to fuel the ever-evolving analytics and data integration needs of organisations.

With the ability to rapidly develop new connectors, Qlik can help you access and integrate any data needed to drive better insights and deliver greater business outcomes.

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