AI and Machine Learning

Advanced predictive analytics and explainable AI 

Empower your analytics teams with the incredible capabilities of machine learning, all presented in a user-friendly and code-free interface.

Seamlessly create and conduct Machine Learning (ML) experiments, effortlessly identify the driving factors within your data, and train your models with ease.

With access to comprehensive explainability data, not only will you be able to make accurate future predictions, but you'll also understand the reasoning behind them.

Plus, you can swiftly publish your data or seamlessly integrate models into Qlik Sense apps, enabling fully interactive analysis and the ability to explore various what-if scenarios.

AutoML 2

Create machine learning models with ease

AutoML 3

Discover the hidden patterns in your historical data with Qlik AutoML and unlock the power of machine learning. With just a simple selection of a target field in your dataset, Qlik AutoML will take care of the rest, utilising the best algorithms to generate powerful predictive models.

  • Evaluate and prioritise numerous ML models to identify the top-performing model that perfectly suits your dataset.
  • Uncover the significance of features to effectively convey the essential factors driving your business.
  • Empower users to effortlessly fine-tune and enhance their models, with limitless opportunities for experimentation.
  • Deploy models and unleash the power of predictive insights with complete transparency.
  • Unleash the potential of predictive data by seamlessly integrating models with Qlik Sense, enabling exploration and in-depth analysis of various scenarios.

Make predictions to understand potential outcomes

AutoML 4

With your model established, AutoML empowers you to effortlessly predict outcomes using your current data. Simply load the data and watch as likely outcomes are automatically generated based on your predictive model.

Moreover, gain access to comprehensive explainability data (SHAP values) at the individual data record level. This will provide you with a deep understanding of why predictions were made and offer valuable insights on how to effectively shape and influence the desired outcomes.

Explore predictive data and test what-if scenarios

Prepare for decision-making and strategise by exploring predictive data and experimenting with "what-if" scenarios in Qlik Sense.

Seamlessly publish predictive data and harness the full potential of Qlik's associative engine. With advanced integration of predictive analytics, experience real-time calculations from AutoML.

Swiftly manipulate parameters in what-if scenarios to test potential actions and effortlessly assess the outcomes, gaining insight into the most favourable path before finalising your decision.

AutoML 5

Example common use cases for Qlik AutoML


  • Sales Pipeline  Win / Loss Forecasting
  • Customer Churn / Retention
  • Customer Prospecting / Targeting


  • Demand / Revenue Forecasting
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Next Best Offer


  • Capital Investment Optimisation
  • Expense Management
  • Risk Management / Reduction


  • Workforce Demand Prediction
  • Capacity Allocation
  • Appointment Cancellations


  • Employee Attrition Prediction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Recruiting / Candidate Profiling

Supply Chain

  • Inventory Stock Outs Prediction
  • Supply Chain Performance
  • Transportation Optimisation

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