August 25, 2021 By Mats Severin

Qlik Sense Client-Managed August 2021


The Qlik Sense Client-Managed August 2021 Release mainly contains improvements to existing visualisations as well as the Insight Advisor. Let’s start with perhaps the most eye-catching feature: the dark mode map.


Dark mode base map

A fourth base map type with a dark theme has been added to the Map chart options. The dark mode base map puts the focus on the content rather than the map background and makes light-coloured data layers stand out.

Adding an image to a point layer map

You can now add an image to a point layer map from a URL. This is in addition to adding images located in the media library. PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats are supported. Images with transparent backgrounds are supported.

Combo chart improvements

In a combo chart, you can configure each measure to have its own unique colour setting, either a single colour or colour by expression.

Users can also add bars on the secondary axis in a combo chart.

Use images in straight table

You can now add URL-based images to dimension fields in straight tables. In the Data section of the Table properties panel, expand a dimension field and scroll down to the Representation drop down menu. When the representation is set to Image, values that contain an absolute URL of an image display as images in the cells.

Agnostic Table

Charts are now allowed in the Nebula.js library. Nebula.js is an open source collection of product and framework agnostic JavaScript libraries and APIs that helps developers integrate visualisations and mashups on top of the Qlik associative engine.


Augmented Analytics

Mutual Information Key Driver Analysis

Insight Advisor can now analyse and score the mutual information between fields. This provides a measure of the influence that one field has on another, allowing you to understand which fields are drivers of another target field.

To let Insight Advisor calculate mutual dependencies, simply enter “dependencies” in the search box. Look for a bar chart result displaying “Mutual dependency between [targetfield] and selected
items”. More help on this can be found here.

Qlik Sense Client-Managed August 2021 Release

You can also calculate mutual information (MI) between targets and potential drivers in charts with the MutualInfo function. The function returns a result of statistical dependency. The dependency indicator ranges between 0% (no dependency) and 100% (strong dependency) between the target and the drivers. This allows key driver analysis such as:

  • Pair-wise mutual information analysis: Calculate the MI between a driver and a target field.
  • Driver breakdown by value: the MI is calculated between individual field values in the driver and target fields.
  • Feature selection: Use the MutualInfo function in a grid chart to create a matrix where all fields are compared to each other based on the MI.

Qlik Sense Client-Managed August 2021 Release - Mutual Info

Other improvements in the Insight Advisor:

  • Improved Business Logic Error Handling
  • Insight Advisor Profiling
  • DPS exceptions and error refactor


Platform and Administration

Updates to the underscore.js library

The underscore.js library that is exposed through the AMD module in the Qlik Sense client has been updated from version 1.5 to version 1.13. This change fixes a potential security issue with the underscore.js library, but it causes some breaking changes to extensions and mashups that use the library.

Qlik Engine

A unique update, specific to Qlik Sense on Windows, is the ability to keep load script and data files in ODAG apps.

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