July 06, 2021 By Ometis

Qlik Sense training now in SaaS


As Qlik is scaling up their efforts in the cloud and adding more functionality to the SaaS editions of Qlik Sense, Ometis is following their lead. All of our Qlik Sense training courses are now adapted to be consumed in Qlik Sense SaaS. At the moment we are offering four (soon to be five) different courses in Qlik Sense ranging from a novice level, where no experience with Qlik is required, to an advanced course including scripting and data modelling.

All you need is an Internet connection and preferably two screens. One screen works just fine but since the training content and demonstrations are shared over video, your experience will be greatly improved if you use one screen for the content and instructions, and another screen for your exercises.

The training is designed to give you hands-on experience where the majority of the time is dedicated to exercises. You will be doing the exercises in our Qlik Sense SaaS training environment where all the required apps and files are shared in a common space. As you can store and load data files in the Qlik Sense cloud account, there is no need to access data on a local server.

What’s new compared to before? First of all, you will learn how to navigate and create content in the cloud hub which looks a bit different from the hub in Qlik Sense on Windows. Besides the user interface, one of the main differences is the collaboration possibilities in how you access, store and share data. You can access and store data files either from a personal data folder or from a shared file location, such as SharePoint, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Our training courses in the cloud is a great way to try out the SaaS edition of Qlik Sense, or to continue building on your existing skills. Take a look below for a summary of all the courses. To find out more or schedule a training session, please contact the Ometis team today.

Our Qlik Sense training courses for SaaS summarised:

  • Analyser (3-hour session) – Discover Qlik Sense and learn how to navigate an app, search and filter data, use augmented intelligence and share your insights using story telling and bookmarks.
  • Visualisations (2 x 3-hour sessions) – Step through each of the different chart types, create your own visualisations and customise them using advanced properties. In the second session, you are introduced to advanced calculations and the use of SET expressions.
  • Data Prepare & Analyse (3-hour session) – Learn how to create an app from scratch by adding, associating and joining tables using the Data Manager. Edit fields and learn about data profiling cards, without writing a single line of code.
  • Data Prepare Advanced (2 x 3-hour sessions) – Learn how to develop an app using Qlik script syntax in the Data Load Editor. Build a data model by extracting, transforming and loading data using a wide range of functions and script statements.
  • NEW! Collaborate (3-hour session) – Explore the latest features to collaborate with other users in the cloud. Learn how to share insights and how to stay notified using notes, data alerting and self-service report subscriptions.

If you’d like to win £1000-worth of training credits, head to our pinned post on Twitter or LinkedIn and follow the instructions before Friday 20th August – good luck!


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