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Take action with AI-powered insight


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AI and ML

Maximise your data's value with AI

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A modern data platform

Qlik Talend Cloud > 
Get a trusted data foundation to power your AI, ML and analytics

Qlik Replicate > 
Accelerate data replication, ingestion and streaming 

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes > 
Automate your data pipeline to create analytics-ready data sets

Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses > 
Automate the entire data warehouse lifecycle

Qlik Enterprise Manager > 
Centrally configure execute, and monitor replication and transformation

Qlik Gold Client > 
Improve data management in your non-production SAP environments 

Qlik Application Automation > 
Automatically trigger informed action on most SaaS platforms

Talend Data Fabric > 
Unify, integrate and govern disparate data environments 

Talend Data Inventory > 
Find and improve data in a shared, collaborative workspace

Talend Data Preparation > 
Identify errors, and apply and share rules across massive datasets

Talend Data Catalog > 
Understand the data flowing through your analytics pipelines

Talend Data Stewardship > 
Define priorities and track progress on data projects 

Qlik Cloud Analytics > 
All the power of Qlik analytics solutions in a cloud-based SaaS deployment

Qlik Sense - Client Managed > 
The on-premises solution for highly regulated industries 

AutoML > 
Bring machine learning to your analytics teams

Qlik Answers > 
GenAI-driven answers from unstructured content

Why Ometis?

We're experts in the full end-to-end data workflow

Qlik Elite Solution Provider

The UK's Largest Dedicated Elite Qlik Partner

With a team of highly skilled and certified consultants specialising in Qlik, we guarantee that you will gain valuable insights and experience the efficiency and reliability with which we complete projects.

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We take great pride in our customer-centric approach, offering flexibility and pragmatism in every interaction. We are committed to working on your terms, in the capacity that best suits your needs, to maximise your success.

A Full Range of Professional Services

A Full Range of
Professional Services

Your one-stop shop for all data services:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Integration
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Science
  • Project Management

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A Catalogue of Up-to-Date
Qlik Training Courses

With a former Qlik trainer in the team, we've written an entire catalogue of courses to get you up-to-speed with the Qlik platform, as well as educating users on the fundamentals of data literacy. Our courses are always kept up-to-date and relevant.

UK Dedicated Support Desk

UK Dedicated
Support Desk

Qlik isn't just part of our business, it's the whole business. Every member of our support team are certified on the Qlik platform. We'll advise on best practices, help diagnose bugs, and take a proactive stance towards a fast resolution. We are the go-to partner for Qlik support.

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to Source
and Target Systems

We embrace the diversity of source and target systems, adapting seamlessly to the ones you use or have in mind for the future. Our dedicated team will accompany you on your data journey, guaranteeing we accomplish the desired business outcomes you have established.

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