Reporting Services

Making reporting easy, fast, and relevant

Qlik provides a range of reporting services designed to get provide timely information he information people need at the time they can take action upon it.

  • Alerting
    Quickly identify unusual data patterns and anomalies with our alert system, eliminating the need to open the application. You have the power to set specific criteria based on the data elements you want to keep an eye on. When these criteria are met, you will receive an instant notification along with a sneak peek of the relevant data.
  • Subscriptions
    You can conveniently schedule recurring emails with subscription reports that include your preferred sheets or charts. Customise your filters and receive a timely report with the latest data directly to your inbox. Imagine waking up to an email every morning, filled with overnight order information. Plus, you have the flexibility to edit your subscriptions anytime.
  • Tabular Reporting
    Users can easily handle their common, centrally managed, tabular report distribution needs right from within a Qlik Sense Application. Report developers have the power to craft personalised XLS documents using the rich Qlik data and visualisations at their disposal. Governed Report Tasks enable the delivery of reports to all relevant parties (internal and external) , ensuring that the Qlik platform remains the primary source for making important operational decisions, communicating with customers, and much more.
Reporting Services Vertical
Reporting Services - Alerting

Alerting is one of the key capabilities of Qlik Cloud Analytics. It allows users to monitor business KPIs and proactively drive action with the help of data-driven alerts.  

There are two important considerations when setting up an alert:

   - Which data do I want to monitor?
   - When I want the alert to be triggered?

You have the flexibility to evaluate the alert either when the app's data is refreshed or on a set schedule, giving you complete control over monitoring your important data. You also have the option to temporarily pause notifications for a specific duration.

Alerts can be shared with other users who have access to the app. They will receive the exact same notification, but they do not have the capability to modify the alert.

To learn more about the use of Alerting please watch the webinar we ran on the topic linked to below. 

Reporting Services - Subscriptions
Subscription Reports

With subscription reports, users can effortlessly schedule recurring emails that include their favourite sheets or charts. They have the power to customise filters and receive a report containing the most up-to-date data directly to their inbox at a designated time. Users can edit their subscriptions at any time.

Subscriptions adhere to the identical access guidelines as apps, data, and spaces. Owners and recipients are restricted according to section access, permissions, and user entitlements. Recipients will only receive data they have access to.

Subscription report emails contain:

  • Subscribers will receive a high-quality attachment of their favourite visualisations or sheets in either PDF or PowerPoint format, ensuring that the image resolution is a crisp and clear 300 DPI.

  • If users subscribe to sheets, there won't be a visual image included. However, they will still receive all the necessary data and information in their report.

  • A link to the app will allow users to access the original analysis. If the subscription includes multiple sheets, the first sheet in the list will be automatically opened.

  • A link to the user's subscription management page.

To learn more about the use of Subscription Reports please watch the webinar we ran on the topic linked to below. 



Reporting Services - Tabular Reports
Tabular Reporting

Tabular Reports provides pagination handling, burst reporting, and highly formatted reports. A dedicated distribution and scheduling management view also gives a more integrated and purpose built feel - a welcome step up from the NPrinting management console.

Users can generate dynamic tabular reports by integrating the Qlik add-in for Microsoft Excel with the report preparation features offered within a Qlik Sense application. They can easily deliver report output via email and to designated folders in Microsoft SharePoint connections. Reports will be saved in .xlsx format.

To learn more about the use of Tabular Reporting please watch the webinar we ran on the topic linked to below.