February 01, 2024 By Christian Collison

The Power of Qlik in Manufacturing


  • The Power of Qlik in Manufacturing

Over the past decade and a half, companies around the world have been harnessing the power of their data to transform processes, optimise operations, increase supply chain agility and improve customer service.

At the heart of this transformation is data analytics and the tools that have allowed companies to investigate their data and react accordingly. As the UK’s leading Qlik provider, we have always utilised the innovative Qlik platform to unlock the power of business data and we work across an array of industries and sectors but in this article we want to take a closer look at the power of Qlik in manufacturing.

Manufacturing with Qlik

Revolutionising Manufacturing with Data-Driven Insights

In the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), the manufacturing industry is inundated with data from machine performance, product quality, customer interactions and supply chain logistics. Qlik's platform excels in turning this vast amount of data into actionable insights, facilitating a move towards smarter, more sustainable and service-driven manufacturing practices.

Qlik's associative technology enables manufacturers to see the whole story that lives within their data. By integrating operations, manufacturers can achieve a comprehensive view that spans across various data sources, enabling them to optimise processes and improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). This holistic approach ensures that manufacturers can easily analyse machine-level data to enhance production throughput and understand the operational impact of various factors.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Manufacturers face several challenges in the digital era, including fragmented data architectures and the difficulty of realising the full value of their data. Qlik addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive data platform capable of handling and operationalising massive volumes of data.

Through strategic partnerships Qlik accelerates the delivery of analytics-ready data, enabling manufacturers to modernise production and improve processes.

A prime example of Qlik's impact is seen in its collaboration with Mercedes-Benz. The partnership has led to the creation of the Mercedes Benz MO360 Data Platform, a unified data platform that leverages the power of Qlik and cloud computing to run AI and analytics on a global scale. This platform has significantly contributed to making manufacturing processes at Mercedes-Benz more resilient, efficient and sustainable.

Unlock the Power of Manufacturing

Qlik, with its comprehensive data analytics and integration platform, has already showcased its ability to revolutionise manufacturing processes, making operations more efficient, resilient and sustainable.

However, the journey towards a data-driven manufacturing future doesn't stop with choosing the right tools; it requires the right partner to implement, optimise and support these tools. This is where Ometis, the UK's largest dedicated Qlik Elite Partner, steps in to bridge the gap between potential and performance.

Ometis offers an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise in Qlik's suite of solutions, specialising in turning data into actionable insights that drive decision-making and innovation. Our services range from implementing Qlik's powerful analytics to customising solutions tailored to the unique needs of manufacturing businesses.

The future of manufacturing is inherently tied to the ability to analyse, understand and act upon data. Whether it's optimising supply chain agility, enhancing production throughput or achieving greater sustainability, Ometis empowers manufacturers to achieve these goals through expert guidance, robust implementation and ongoing support.

Reach out to Ometis today and let us show you how your manufacturing operations can benefit from the unparalleled insights and efficiency that Qlik's platform offers. Together, we can redefine what's possible in manufacturing, turning your data into your most valuable asset.

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