May 09, 2022 By Mats Severin

What’s new in Qlik Cloud April 2022


Mats Severin brings us the latest updates from Qlik Cloud April 2022…

New templates in Qlik Application Automation

Qlik Application Automation now includes the following new templates:

  • Qlik AutoML: Predict customer churn risk
  • Microsoft SharePoint: Store cycled reports in SharePoint
  • Microsoft Excel: Sync data from a Qlik Sense straight table to an Excel sheet
  • Microsoft Excel: Copy data from a Qlik Sense straight table to an Excel sheet

Usage reports for Qlik Application Automation and Qlik Reporting Services

Starting this month, if an account is over the entitled usage amount, the Service Account Owner (SAO) will receive a usage report by email with the consumption of Application Automation runs per month, or the volume of reports generated using the Qlik Reporting Service. The usage reports will help the SAO determine the capacity required to fully take advantage of the automation and cloud reporting capabilities available.

Auto-generate an analysis using Insight Advisor Analysis Types

Insight Advisor supports multiple paths to automatically generated insights by either selecting fields of interest or asking a question through the natural language search, and now also by auto-generating the analysis by selecting an analysis type with suggested measures.

Auto-generate the analysis simply by selecting an analysis type from a variety of available options, such as comparison, ranking, trending and more. The analysis type comes complete with visualisations and a summary of found insights.

More Insight Advisor updates:

  • Insight Advisor now supports natural language questions in Portuguese. This expands the multilingual capabilities available in apps for natural language searches.
  • The Insight Advisor Chat, centrally available from the cloud hub, now supports natural language processing in Spanish, expanding the multilingual capabilities when asking questions and searching for answers across your cloud tenant.

New OAuth capabilities allow global client ID

Qlik continues to improve accessibility and reduce friction for solution providers in providing their applications to Qlik Cloud customers. Providing the same, shared client ID for all Qlik Cloud tenants with OAuth2 enhancements, simplifies the ability of the solution provider to onboard their integrations and extensions with Qlik’s customers.

Reflection of Qlik Cloud April 2022

Compared to last month, which saw a long list of enhancements, this month has a shorter list of updates. However, this month has a strong focus on automation, adding new user templates in both Insight Advisor and Application Automation.

Besides the expansion of the multilingual capabilities in both Insight Advisor and the Insight Advisor Chat, the ability to auto-generate analyses from a variety of analysis types gives the user a more directive approach to create charts in the app using the Insight Advisor. Currently, the list of available analysis types contains 20+ different types, including trends, correlations and anomalies. After selecting one of the analysis types, suggestions of dimensions and measures that might fit the analysis in question are provided. A few clicks later, you will have an auto-generated analysis to add in your app.

Perhaps the most useful templates addition this month is the Excel connector templates in Qlik Application Automation. Users can now use two new templates for copying and updating data from a table in Qlik Sense to an Excel sheet. Since Application Automation runs cloud to cloud, it means you can copy or update data from Qlik apps to an Excel workbook in MS OneDrive. Previously, when creating Excel automations from scratch, it could be challenging to get the table data lined up correctly as desired. Even though there are still some manual elements to the new templates, they will definitely help you get started quickly and assist you along the way.

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