November 28, 2023 By Christian Collison

The Strategic Advantage of Qlik in Higher Education


In the halls of UK higher education, a quiet revolution is underway. Data governance, management and analytics is reshaping the landscape, offering unprecedented insights into the very fabric of institutional success.  

As UK institutions strive for excellence in a highly-competitive sector, the ability to maintain and improve data quality while easily combining and distributing that data for analysis, is no longer a luxury but a necessity.  

In this blog we explore how Ometis can help educators and administrators unlock the full potential of their data, drive efficiency, innovation and educational outcomes that resonate with the demands of a modern, data-driven world. 

Data Governance and Quality Data 

Organisations are tasked with capturing vast amounts of data, both internally and externally, to maximise the data's value, manage associated risks and minimise management costs. That’s why data governance is such a important piece of the puzzle. Ometis provides a comprehensive approach to data governance, empowering users through a collaborative governance methodology. We review the entire process from the moment data is discovered and cleansed to the point where it is visualised. 

Maintaining and Managing Data 

Managing data across an institution includes a wide array of tasks, policies, procedures and practices. That’s why data management is key, as it defines how to gather, store, access and update data. A lack of data management can mean incompatible silos, inconsistent data sets and data quality issues that prevent organisation’s from making the right decisions. 

Empowering Data-Driven Decisions 

Through the Qlik platform, Ometis enables universities to tap into a wealth of data concerning student behaviours, registrations and institutional operations. With Qlik, educational institutions can improve tracking and reporting on student registrations, examination performance and adjust operations to market changes and resource requirements​​. 

Driving Efficiency and Cost-Reduction 

By optimising procurement processes and providing enhanced visibility into recruitment performances, we help institutions reduce operational costs and improve financial reporting. This leads to more efficient registration service processes and supports essential estate management analysis, crucial for budget-conscious universities​. 

Enriching the Academic Experience 

Ometis' data strategies allow teams to maximise the effectiveness of budgets, even as they shrink. It unlocks critical data informs business decisions around enrolment, finance and employee performance. As UK higher education institutions face pressure to increase enrolment and control costs, efficiencies and understanding is paramount. 

Facilitating Continuous Learning 

Ometis Education enables a rich mix of learning designed to maximise success of your development, deployment and use of your data. All courses are instructor-led using our dedicated learning platform. This provides a virtual classroom experience for up to 10 people at a time enabling the instructor to interact directly with each delegate. 

The Power of Qlik in Higher Education 

Data governance, management and analytics should be a cornerstone of Higher Education institutions. Ometis helps organisations unlock the power of the data, improve data quality and streamline distribution while Qlik's suite of tools provides more than just numbers and charts; it offers clarity, foresight and the ability to shape educational landscapes with informed precision. 

With Qlik, universities and colleges can pivot from traditional data management to a more holistic, agile approach that meets the evolving demands of for efficiencies, understanding and increased performance.   

As the UK higher education sector continues to confront new challenges and opportunities, the integration of Qlik’s analytics into its core practices is more than just a technological upgrade. It's a commitment to excellence, innovation and a future-proof education system.  

If you’d like to find out how Ometis can help you make more informed decisions with the power of Qlik, contact a member of the team today.  


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