June 23, 2020 By Christian Collison

Qlik Spotlight: Penlon Medical Ventilator Production


As part of Qlik’s Spotlight interview series, Ometis Managing Director Andy Patrick spoke to Qlik Evangelist John Sands, shedding some light on our work with Penlon Medical, who are currently working to produce respirators and ventilators for the government as part of a consortium involving the likes of McLaren, Ford and Airbus. He also discussed how Ometis has adapted to the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents.

Penlon had previously produced these medical devices on a much smaller, made-to-order scale but with the help of these engineering behemoths, they have been able to streamline the manufacturing process in order to meet demand.

Given the criteria that medical devices have to meet before they can be used, there are a multiple stage of manufacturing that these products have to go through, from receiving goods and assembly through to testing and inspection processes before final approval and distribution. This is where Ometis comes in – helping them to utilise their data and get the best out of the Qlik platform.

‘There’s a lot of different areas that a product might go through and Penlon wanted to get visibility of where they were at any one time,’ Andy said. ‘If they’ve got too many ventilators stuck in one particular area of the process, they can adapt and move people around to improve their efficiency.

‘They also had to move very quickly from a working pattern of set hours to having 24/7 coverage, so they wanted to motivate their staff. We were able to help them do that by getting some dashboards onto large screens on the manufacturing floor displaying a number of lives that have been saved as a result of each product that gets dispatched.’

Andy also praised Ometis’ working relationship with Qlik, which enabled Penlon to have the necessary resources available to make a difference as soon as possible.

‘Within a couple of hours of getting in touch with our contact at Qlik, I was having conversations with (Qlik CEO) Mike Capone,’ Andy added. ‘It’s shown that we’ve been agile, Qlik have been agile and really helpful in getting this licence in place and putting the resources into what we’re trying to do.

‘The world is a crazy place right now and if we can get any good out of it then that’s fantastic.’

You can watch Andy’s Qlik Spotlight interview in full below. If you’d like to find out how Ometis can help your business get the best out of its data, get in touch with the team today.



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