April 05, 2023 By Carolin Heel

Meet Dan Titchener: Qlik Consultant & Colour-Aficionado


Our latest team member, Dan Titchener, brings a wealth of knowledge to Ometis. He has been working in data analytics and business intelligence for almost eight years, over four of which he has been working with Qlik. In his role as a Qlik Consultant he will be part of our Consulting Services team.

At present, Dan Titchener would consider Qlik Sense his strongest suit within the Qlik product stack. The distinction ‘at present’ must be made because he is always eager to grow his skillset.

Using machine learning and AI is a no-brainer

Yes, we can see the irony in the sub-heading. And no, we won’t turn off our brains and let AI do our jobs. However, there is no doubt that machine learning and AI are among the biggest topics at the moment.

At Ometis, we expect predictive and prescriptive data analytics to be key drivers for our customers’ success, and we want these technologies to be accessible to our customers. Dan Titchener agrees with us on this, which is why he is currently upskilling in AutoML. Specialising in the latest technologies is a no-brainer for him (see what we did there?).

Data analytics in technicolour? No, thank you!

Another thing that Dan Titchener is very passionate about is the proper use of colour within Qlik Sense applications. He has seen this misused many times and therefore knows how confusing it can be for Qlik Sense users.

His personal mantra is ‘never use more than three or four colours per page’. He also reserves multi-coloured charts for a few select purposes. One example could be if you need to represent a number of product types on a single page.

Ometis: Passionate data experts in orange

Joining Ometis meant a change in pace for Dan Titchener. In his previous role at Nationwide, he worked in a much larger organisation, and he’s excited to join a smaller, more fast-paced team of data experts.

When he first stepped foot into our Birmingham office, he was surprised at the ‘excessive amount of bright orange merchandise’. We’re not sure what he means by that, but he doesn’t seem to hold it against us and is getting along with everyone swimmingly.

In his spare time, Dan Titchener is also a talented pianist and classical music composer. Have a listen to his work here and be sure to leave a comment. We’re quite impressed and would love for him to compose us a company jingle.


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