February 27, 2023 By Ometis

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Our experience in the sector

Ometis has huge experience in this sector and work with an ever-growing number of Higher Education establishments throughout the UK including:.


Analytics in Higher Education

KPIs and analytics have become vital elements in the running of higher education institutions. They enable internal analysis and measurement of performance, but also allow the benchmarking of performance against similar institutions.



Key areas for analytics

Wherever there is data Qlik can be used to bring it into dashboards enabling users to ask questions of the data and discover insights. For example, dashboards are used by our customers to provide both staff and students the ability to analyse data by dimensions including tutor, age, course, domicile name, entry route, ethnicity, fundability, level of study, home address, mode of attendance, study year and many more.

Understanding student engagement is vital to increase retention and first-time progressions rates. Being able to quickly identify students at risk of withdrawing is important so that the university can offer support. Qlik can help students understand their engagement with their studies and enable them to make informed choices about greater involvement, promoting increased academic success.

Qlik AutoML uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict students at risk and understand why specific groups of students may be less engaged or successful, enabling the development of actions to address this. Various factors can be used to influence the algorithm including lecture attendance, library visits, system logins, entry qualifications, mode of attendance, domicile and many more.


Diagram showing how current data is used by the deployed model to generate reports









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